Top 10 Absolute Favorite Holiday Activities

By Sarah White


Sarah White, Contributor

For most people, the holiday season is filled with fun family activities that bring joy to you or someone else. My top ten absolute favorite holiday activities to do are:

 1. Wrapping all the gifts to put under the tree. I love picking out what wrapping paper and bow I want to use for each individual person based off what they will think is funny or best matches their personality. Personally, I think making the gift look nice and neat shows how much time and effort was put into the gift even if it wasn’t expensive.  

2. Building a ginger bread house for a warm home feel. Putting together a ginger bread house with a loved one gives me the opportunity to bond while staying in the Christmas spirit. It also lets my creativity shine and helps me work on my baking and decorating skills.  

3. Decorating the Christmas tree. I love being a part of putting and keeping people in the Christmas as well as making my home look like Santa really put his elves to work.. Decorating the Christmas tree gives me the chance to embrace not ever being able to make up my mind. I can choose and every Ornament possible to put on the tree because they all represent a  special event in my family.  

4. Baking cookies. My favorite cookies are chocolate chip and the holiday season gives me an excuse to make them whenever I want and keeps the house smelling amazing.  

5. Watching Christmas movies. I can watch Christmas movies any time of the year because they always bring me joy. However watching them during the holidays really sets the scene and makes a movie into a reality.  

6. Volunteering. Volunteering at any homeless shelter or even at a hospital can brighten those struggling financially or physically for the holidays. Children who are unable to get Christmas gives or who don’t have a lot of family are more than happy to see someone who has went out of their way to make them smile and feel important. I really makes me thankful and joyful for all the I have and gives me a fuzzy warm feeling inside.  

7. Looking for Christmas lights. Driving around to look for and see Christmas lights has always kept me in the Christmas spirit. It always surprises me as to what people are capable of accomplishing when they’re are very passionate about it.  

8. Making Christmas cards. Its fun and all to get professional Christmas card made or buy them but its always fun to make your own. You can make something that’s never been made before and give people memories whenever they see it.  

9. Taking festive pictures. During the holiday season Christmas lights are everywhere and Christmas tree farms are on every corner, which makes a perfect place to have a photo shoot.  

10. Making hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is one of the best warm beverages to drink especially when its cold outsideIts chocolaty flavor and marshmallows bring together the holidays for me.