Knives Out

Murder Mystery Not Murdered

Cayson Adkinson, Contributor

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Like the westerns of the past, the murder mystery genre seemed all but dead. Every movie dominating the box office, trending on social media, or even being talked about locally is usually some kind of superhero tale, or at least in the vein of one. It makes sense that these are the most produced type of movie in the 21st century given just how much revenue they generate, but eventually you hit all that you can do with a genre and it becomes saturated. Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi and Looper, saw this and wanted to do something different for modern audiences, and taking inspiration from movies like Clue, decided to give us a good ol’ fashioned murder mystery with his own spin on the genre.

Truth be told, this isn’t the first murder mystery of the 2010’s with Murder on the Orient Express being produced just two year ago, but Johnson’s creation has a certain charm I truly believe audiences will love. On to the movie, it’s an absolute blast to watch. Featuring a star studded cast including people like Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, and Judi Dench, the real stars of the show are Daniel Craig as the P.I. with a southern gentleman attitude and the up-and-coming Ana De Armas as the nervous personal assistant. All of the actors and actresses do an amazing job of playing their characters with none of the performances falling flat. If you see this movie for one reason, see it for the stellar chemistry between the cast members. I can’t speak much on the plot without taking away from the experience, but I will say an underrated aspect of this movie is the political undertones. Regardless of your political leaning the movie makes one thing very clear, the rich are not your friend. One of the most entertaining parts of this movie is seeing how clever Johnson is at showing how insincere the wealthy are. They all put up the facade that they’re not like the rest of the family and actually care about the disenfranchised just to further their own goals. No matter what they say, those who hoard wealth are all the same on the inside and this movie brilliantly shows it. Finally the set of the movie is packed to the brim of detail. The manor at which most of the movie takes place gives off a strong vibe and makes for an excellent environment for the movie. It also features numerous references in the background, like to the aforementioned movie Clue. Overall, Knives Out is an excellent movie dripping with character, personality, atmosphere, and the biggest one, passion. I recommend you go out and see this movie as soon as possible. To give it an official rating, I would give it a 9/10 must watch: