Opportunities for High School Students

Opportunities for High School Students

Nyla Paul, Contributor

As a junior in high school, I have been reviewing and learning a lot about college and different opportunities that not a lot of my class members may not know about. As a high school student, we often think that the Internet is all we have to find information.  Because of this misconception, we miss out on so many opportunities. Also, as high school students all we know is that college is expensive and you can get sport scholarships and academic scholarships. We don’t even know that there’s different scholarships for different people or that there are grants that we can apply for as well. Even though it seem like paying for college may be impossible and everyone will have to take out a loan if you’re not that D1 athlete; that’s not true and here are some opportunities for you.

RESEARCH IS KEY! You won’t know until you go looking for it, and if you really want something you are going to have to do some research. There’s many scholarships for left-handed people, colored, or African Americans, and there are so many others. There really are so many opportunities that you won’t know about unless you seek out information.  Also, look up grants! Grants are a great way to get up to a 1,000 dollars to pay for your schooling. In addition to grants, there are a lot of community opportunities even though Columbus may seem small you can get help from your community. For example, I know a friend who is a part of a rising AKA program which gives her some money to pay for college. So look around your community.

HARD WORK IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT! As far as we know, there are so many millions of people in our country trying to go to college, and even though there’s many opportunities and scholarships, you have to do more than be average to be considered first.  So,  look at the college you want to go to.  A lot of colleges, especially if you’re going to a private school, will pay up to half of your college fees, so look at what that campus offers. Also GO TO YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR! They are here for a reason; they are here to help and they know a lot more than me and you will ever know because they have been there and they are here to help you. So go ask for help!

So the next time you’re thinking about college, don’t get discouraged.  Be proactive! Be active!

For more help and opportunities here are two great sites: