By Sarah White

Sarah White, Contributor

The meaning of family is tossed around in various ways within a community. Some parents express to their children that family is only your blood relatives and no one else is involved in your life at that level- as if family is strictly limited to the people who have married in and the people you can find through a DNA test, including the ones who do not speak to you unless the holidays are right around the corner or a very unfortunate event occurs, such as a death within the blood line or within the groups of in-laws. Therefore, they are unsure of almost everything going on within our lives, but we still must be always be kind and willing to answer all their questions at a gathering because they are “family.” This was always very confusing to me. How could you unconditionally love someone who does not know your middle name or any of your passionsSince we do not comfortably know this part of “family,” conversations tend to become small talk about school and if you are in a relationship. I know someone can relate to having these aunts and uncles around. However, every household has a different perspective of what the term family consist ofPersonally, I believe family are the people who are around and comfort us when we fall but still happily waiting with us to watch our successes. Society has began to change more when it comes to loved ones. Therefore, there are different kinds of families everywhere. For example, with two moms in one house or even two dads in one house. Regardless, real family will always have our best interest in mind and will keep you motivated for the best part of our future that has yet to come. They make you addicted to laughter and feel better than you did before talking to them.  Best friendsclose friends’ relatives, and co-workers can easily become a little part of your family if the bond, connection, and support exchanged is strong enough. Being able to confide in a trustworthy person and give back everything that made you succeed, genuinely helps your growth and development as a young adult. High school is a vital place to have a strong sense of a family that will always be the supportive group of people to help you push through when you are feeling weak and feel the best you ever felt before when we reach our goals. Building a strong bond with somebody of a group of people is very important to feel supported and secure. Especially to kids who had to grow up by themselves. They did not have that family blood line beside them to give a helping hand when times were tough, so building those connections with friends or co-workers can build what was missing emotionally before.