What is Hardaway To You? 

Interview with four HHS students By: Destiny Craig

What is Hardaway To You? 

Destiny Craig, Contributor

Nicholas Wigfall (grade 11) 

Jewelionne Wyatt (grade 11) 

Nyla Paul (grade 11) 

Cayson Adkinson (grade 12) 


Question 1- Who are you and what are 5 interesting facts about yourself? 

  • “Nicholas and I can draw, I am funny, I like YouTube, I work out, and I have a nephew.” 
  • “Jewelionne and I like dance, music, food, I don’t like people, and I wear glasses” 
  • “Nyla and my birthday is in March, my favorite colour is blue, I’m in IB, I like new people and new experiences, and I am very driven” 
  • “Cayson and I was in 3 spelling bees, I had pet ferret, swam with dolphins, I lived in South Carolina, and announced a football game  

Question 2- Do you like Hardaway? Why or Why Not? 

  • ” Yeah because its cool.” 
  • “Sure” 
  • “Yes because its chill.” 
  • “Yes because of friends” 

Question 3- What is your favorite class and why? 

  • “Art because I’m an artist.” 
  • “Math because of Ms. Wade.” 
  • “Journalism because it’s the most chill class.” 
  • “Marketing because you present a lot.” 

Question 4- What advice do you have for students coming to Hardaway next year? 

  • “Be prepared for junior year.” 
  • “Learn more.” 
  • “It counts to work hard.” 
  • “Don’t slack off.” 

Question 5- What would you change about Hardaway? 

  • Junior year” 
  • “Everything” 
  • “More educational options and do better with the traditional students” 
  • “The halls” 

Question 6- What do you love about Hardaway? 

  • The amount of freedom” 
  • “Diversity” 
  • “Students”