Ame and Forest the Monster Hunters 

A day life of skilled monster hunters, Ame and Forest  by Alayah Dial


Alayah Dial, Contributor

Ame! Wake up you lazy, dumb guy,” I heard the voice of my partner in crime, Forest say. “I’m up, I’m up,” I groaned as I forced my eyes to open and sat up in our bunk bed that was made of monster bones and wood. I looked around the room and noticed that it was in a disastrous state then before. My clothes were all on the ground, my weapons and armor were piled up and all my paperwork were ripped in the corners. “What happened in here?” I asked in complete shock as I jumped down from the top of the bunk bed. “Well one of the mid leveled monsters got in our room earlier and I had to take care of it,” Forest answered as he began to clean up. “How did I not wake up for that?” I asked. “I don’t know, I think you were in a coma,” He said sarcastically. “Was it a difficult monster?” I asked as I grabbed a weapon and began to sharpen it. It was nothing I couldn’t handle along,” He answered. I looked around the messed-up room and then looked back at him. “Are you sure?” I asked him. “Yes! It was just a fast monster that’s all,” He yelled to explain. “Whatever you say, now where are we going to today?” I asked as I stopped sharpening my sword and places it down and grabbed my clothes. “We’re going to Hidden Hollows, now hurry up and get dressed,” He said as he went out the room. “Alright!” I said. 

        . . . 

“Alright, lets head out now,” I said as I exited the room wearing my fight gear with my weapons and aid attached to me at my waist. Forest nodded and we exited our small wooding house that lied at the base of the mountain where our home village is. We went down the path to Hidden Hollows that only high leveled monster hunters could go down. We walked past many homes of other hunters and their partners and noticed that it was very quiet in the area. “So, what kind of monster do you think we will run into today,” I asked Forest as he stared into the distance ahead of us. “Probably a high level one,” He said nonchalantly. “You’re joking right?” I asked as I stared at him. “Why would I be joking with you?” He asked with the straightest expression. I stared at him for a good few minutes as we continued walking. “Ah, we’re here,” he exclaimed as we reached our destination. Hidden Hollows lies in an area that is an opening between the land of Monsters, Axel, and the land of the Magic Hunters, which we live in. “So, where should we go fi-” I was cut off by the sound of a loud scream for a monster. “Its a high level heading our way,” Forest said as he got out his weapon. I took out my weapon and ran towards the monster and began to create fire using my sword. “It’s a water type, its weakness is water and its sensitive spots are its eyes, neck and head so, aim for those,” Forest said as he got his fire gun prepared. “Ok, tell me when, partner,” I said. “Ready! Go!” Forest yelled. I ran full speed to the base of the monster and began to attack it legs with my sword. The monster screeched in pain as I continued to attack it. “Yeah, keep distracting it, I’ll try and get one of its weak spots,” Forest said as he went around it. “Hey, don’t leave me out of the fun,” I yelled as I attacked the leg hard enough to send the monster crashing down. “Oh, shut up,” He answered as he shot his gun directly at the monster’s eye. The monster yelled in pain and began to kick up the ground sending pieces everywhere and crashing trees. “Good thing this place is far from the village,” I said as I looked at the trees. “Don’t get distracted Ame!” Forest yelled as he took out the other leg of the monster. I turned back to the monster and decided to go for its head next. I ran up the side of the monster and it began to move very quickly as it tried to throw me off. I reached to the top of the monster and slammed the bottom of my sword as hard as I could on the top of the monsters head. The monster dropped to the ground again causing the ground to crack into two. “Alright! That should confuse it for now,” I yelled. “Good now be prepared, these things are a lot worse when confused,” Forest said as he ran up to me. The ground then, suddenly began to shake very harshly causing me to almost lose my balance“Cover your ears!” Forest said. “What?” I questioned. “I said cover them!” He yelled back. I cover my ears and suddenly the monster screamed so loud that the trees began to fall. “We got to kill it now, Ame,” Forest said. “Now!” I yelled. “Yep, its beyond turning back now, we need to kill it before it decides to run away,” He said. “Alright!” I answered. I took out my other sword and decided to go for its neck for the final kill. “I’m using my full power Forest, so hold on,” I said as I turned to him. He nodded then, I turned and faced the monster. My eyes went red and my sword and hair grew longer, lines began to appear on my face, and I let my full power out. The monster continued to scream as it began to move. “Don’t you dare move!” I yelled and slammed my sword on it back and the cut went all the way up it the horns of the monster. Debris began to fall as I continuously attack the monster repeatedly. “Time to end the now!” I yelled to use my full power of the neck of the monster. The monster let out one last scream before crashing to the ground sending Forest and I flying off it. Forest and landed on the ground causing to ground to cave in. After a while, the fog from the debris began to clear. Forest and I pushed the debris off us and began to laugh. “Looks like that the end of our mission for today,” Forest said an we both stood up and dusted the dirt off us. “We better go before the guild closes,” I said. “Yeah, let’s go,” Forest said as he turned away from the monster that was slowly disappearing. We took one last look at the monster before it disappeared and then, we began to walk back home. “I cant wait to tell the others that I took this monster down this time,” I said excitedly. “Oh, shut up you would have never killed it without me,” Forest said as he laughed. “Whatever you say partner,” I said as I laughed. After that we continued, remembering having the job of a Monster Hunter is a very difficult and long path to follow. But even so we will continue on letting all our achievement guide us to the end.