Hardaway Student Interview: Junior: Kamri Archangel

By Erykah Garner


Erykah Garner, Contributor

Today I am interviewing my cousin Kamri Archangel who is a junior at Hardaway High school. Kamri Archangel was Hardaway Junior Homecoming Queen, and she is a very smart girl. Since I’m pretty close to her, I asked her if I could interview her about how she feels about her junior year at Hardaway, how it has affected her as a person, and what her goals after graduation are.  I asked her a total of five questions. So let’s get on to this interview!

The first question I asked her was, “How do you feel about your junior year at Hardaway High School”?

Kamri answered with a positive attitude about her year:  “My junior year has been great so far. I love the fact that I have senior classes.”

“Who’s your favorite teacher at Hardaway High School”?

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Stohr”, said Kamri.

“What are your goals this year?”, I asked her since I’m a supportive family member and I want to know her goals just in case she needs help from me since I’m a senior.

Kamri answered me, “My goals are to keep all A’s and B’s this year.”

The next question I asked her was, “What is the most challenging thing about High School?”

She said peer pressure is the most challenging thing. I can agree with that because peer pressure is something that affects teenagers in high school when you’re around people who are not a good influence.

The last question I asked her, “Do you have any plans after you graduate in 2021?”

“I want to go to college or the Air Force” she stated.