Hardaway Theatre Company Presents…

Cooking Can Be Murder

Hardaway Theatre Company Presents...

Hardaway Theatre Company is proud to present our Winter Show Production of Cooking Can Be Murder by Eddie McPherson. This comedic murder mystery parody is fun for the whole family! I have provided a brief synopsis below.


Show dates are Friday, February 21st and Saturday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are only $7 but as always HHS faculty/staff get the AMAZING discount of BUY ONE TICKET AND GET ONE FREE! You can buy them from me (Room #705) or any theatre student.

Synopsis: Arrogant James Casanova Valentino Bond is in the middle of judging a cooking contest when he (after a dramatic and quite theatrical death scene) falls over with a thud. It seems he’s been unmercifully poisoned. Each contestant is suddenly a suspect who just happens to have a motive for wanting this man dead. When Detective Bibble shows up out of nowhere, he begins his investigation immediately and as he questions the suspects. Their stories come to life on stage thanks to a reenactment team that has been provided for entertainment value. A silly comedy chock full of all the puns, sight gags and ridiculous situations that one could only hope for in a parody murder mystery.


We’re even planning a fun intermission Old Fashioned Carnival Bake Sale that will be like no other.  (All proceeds from the bake sale will go to Georgia Thespian Conference Grants for next year.)