Happy Valentine’s Day

Decisions, decisions...


Sarah White, Contributor

Valentine’s Day can be fun, exciting, or even romantic when it comes to spending the day with your significant other, but gifts are always hard to pick out. Unless, you are surprising them with something they absolutely will not let you forget about or have wanted for a long time, gift giving is stressful. Guys tend to struggle the most when it comes to shopping for a girl. Most guys usually stick with the clichés for the “lovey dovey” holidays. However, if you honestly do not want to be that boyfriend and want to impress your loved one, I am here to save your relationship. Here are the top 3 gifts I think would perfect for Valentine’s Day.  

  1.  The classic number one gift a girl always loves is jewelry and roses. I mean hey, they don’t say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” for nothing. This does not have to be a gift you spend all you hard working money on. It can be something simple and beautiful yet make her look stunning. However, you don’t want to buy her something that will make her skin turn green. Personally, I think if you spend around $60 on it than your actions show she’s not an inconvenience and you can still take her dinner the day after Valentine’s day. A necklace of one of your initials or even earrings can make her smile from ear to ear.  
  1. The second-best gift for Valentine’s Day would taking your girlfriend out to dinner and surprise her with a few gift cards. If you are in a relationship, I would assume you know places she loves to eat and shop. Instead of going out and buy something you’re not sure she is going to like, your best option is to get a few gift cards so she can get something small from a couple places. Rather than spending her entire paycheck, she can save some money while going on a shopping spree.  
  1. The third top picked gift would be getting your valentine new pair of shoes. Regardless if it is some new sneakers, heels, or bootsEvery girl I know loves shoes and see a new pair at the mall or online. However, they have priority expensesso they cannot buy them whenever they are available. Yet that love and desire for those shoes do not go away. Go ahead and treat your girlfriend with some new kicks so she can brag that you got them for her.  

There are also a few creative ways to give your significant other their special gift for Valentine’s Day. Lately, the idea of creating a scavenger hunt with clues has been trending on social media. It would be a fun and mysterious way to get her smiling and laughing before your night full of adventuresAnother way could be writing a letter. A small action such as taking time out of your day expressing your feelings will make her feel special and an asset to you.