By: Hannah Frost


Hannah Frost, Contributor


There’s three hundred and sixty five days in a year, but there’s one day that I absolutely loathe. Now you’re racking your brain, what day could someone hate? I’ll tell you, VALENTINE’S DAY! I know; how could someone hate Valentine’s Day? It’s a day of love, gifts, and happiness. Please allow me to explain how my hatred for this day originated.

To fully understand my hatred for this day, we have to start with the basics. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day you celebrate your partner. Your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend. Love on them extra hard and buy them all sorts of crap they don’t need, like chocolate, flowers and jewelry, right? WRONG!

As a child I remember my dad getting out in the hustle and bustle trying to find my mom the perfect gifts to say “I love you.”  Store to store, he came home with all the stuff I mentioned above. Of course, like any woman, my mom was happy and to honest who wouldn’t be? It wasn’t until the next week that I came to my realization. The flowers died, the candy was gone, and my mom threw them away.

Reason with me here. I’m not crazy; I know people throw dead and empty things away. That’s not what got me. What got me was that out of the three hundred sixty five days they spent together, ONE day of the year he put in the extra effort, and it ultimately ended in money down the drain. But I guess my real question is shouldn’t we be celebrating the ones we love every day– not just on February 14th? And why do we need to buy a gift just to say ‘I love you?’

I believe you should love the ones you’re with, every day. Don’t go all out just one day a year and that’s it. People want to feel loved all the time. Surprise your partner with a heartfelt gift sometimes. Write them a love note on a Wednesday in May. Go out for dinner on a rainy Saturday night in April. The outcome may surprise you!

I guess what I’m saying is: Celebrate each other ALL THE TIME. Don’t give in to this commercialized holiday and spend TONS of money to show your partner how much you love them on ONE day. Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee; yet, we wait for one day of the year to let our loved ones know they’re loved. That’s why I hate Valentine’s Day. There’s so many unrealistic expectations for the day, when in reality you should be doing all of that stuff, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Now, I know that by now, you’re scratching your head and maybe even a little confused. Let me end by saying this: take what you may and love fiercely. Hold your loved ones every day. Show effort every day, and above all, know that no amount of material things for the “day of love,” can replace real authentic LOVE!