Interview with One of Our Lady Soccer Hawk

A Real Look into the State of Our Player


Cayson Adkinson, Contributor

Good afternoon, can you state your name and your grade for us?

“Hi I’m Hope McGrew, and I’m in the 11th grade.”

It’s great to have you here today. How many years have you been playing soccer?

“Like 10 years. I can’t remember the exact number, but it’s around there.”

When did you start playing for Hardaway?

“Oh I joined my sophomore year, so I haven’t been in it for too long.”

Can you describe how your previous year was playing as a Hawk?

“I don’t really have lot to say; it was just a pretty good year all around.”

Pardon me for assuming, but did you guys manage to win a lot of games for this school?

“I’d say so without a doubt.  We managed to win 3 games. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but any win for us is something to celebrate.”

What position or positions do you play?

“I’m usually a right striker which means I get to start and try to score a goal or I’m a half back. Honestly though, I can and have played just about every position.”

Let’s get into more subjective questions and start with something simple. How do you feel about the uniforms?

“As for this year’s uniforms I strongly dislike them.  The colors are ugly, and the quality is very subpar and could be improved.”

How is the equipment Hardaway provides for your team?

“What equipment? We hardly have any, but the little we do have is very shoddy and just plain not good. There aren’t even lines on the field we use to practice.”

What is the turnout for the actual games like?

“It’s pretty low honestly; the crowd is basically only the parents of the players.”

What’s the physicality of a sport like this?

“Aggressive, at least for my team and especially me. It’s no fun unless we get rough.”

In your opinion, is there any kind of gender disparity between the boys’ soccer and the girls’ soccer?

“Yes. It’s frustrating really. We get the bad side of the field, and we don’t get water bottles.”

Is there any kind of difference in the crowds between the girl and boy soccer teams?

“Well, since we play back to back it’s basically the same crowd.”

Do you feel as if there’s any danger in playing soccer?

“Hmm, no not really. The worst is going to be getting hit in the head with the ball or getting slide tackled but nothing serious you know?”

I only have more question and I would like to end on a nice note. What’s been your favorite memory playing for Hardaway?

“No question, it was my 30-second goal. If you couldn’t guess from the name, I managed to score a goal within the first 30 seconds of the game starting. It felt like everyone on that field was shocked honestly.”