Hardaway vs. Americus

Who will win? Hawks or Panthers?

On September 10th, the Hardaway Hawks went up against the Americus panthers at Kinnett Stadium. This was the first football game of the year for the hawks and the student section was all decked out in neon and it looked awesome, especially in the dark. In the first quarter, the hawks scored a touchdown but missed the field goal. In the second quarter, Americus scored a field goal. Halftime was spectacular, the marching band had moves that you wouldn’t think possible while holding an instrument and the dancing hawks had so many tricks and if you blinked you missed a couple of their tricks. In the third quarter, the hawks scored not one but two touchdowns. In the final quarter, the hawks placed victory with two more touchdowns and a field goal. Final score is 33-3 and the winner is the Hardaway Hawks. Come out to the next game on October 9th against Spencer at kinnett stadium and by the way its the homecoming game, so you don’t want to miss it.