The Colorful Floating Peak ahead of me

A short story


Alayah Dial, Journalist

All my life I have wanted to experience what it is like to see colors. Living in a world, wear colors besides black, white and gray don’t exist has always been a difficult thing to deal with. What do the other colors look like? I really want to know. Growing up and reading nothing but books about my world when it had colors has been extremely difficult. I must find the answer to the longing question. I need to leave this planet behind me, I need to go away. So, I grabbed my art book and made my way out of my house. “Where are you heading to Flair?” The boy who has been my only friend asked as he approached me after exiting the forest. “I decided it’s time for me to leave and find a new home, Kai,” I said to him. Kai has been with me throughout my entire life and he was the reason I ever even wanted to find out more about colors. “Oh, so you’re leaving the village,” He asked as he suddenly got sad. “Oh, come on Kai, you know I’ve always wanted to find a new world with colors beside this sad darkness we live in now,” I said to him. He suddenly dropped his axe and his eyes (or at least from what I can tell) began to light up. “Well, then I’m going with you,” He said cheerfully. “But, what about your job?” I asked shockingly. “Look, you aren’t the only one that want to experience the joys of colors, and besides you need some one to protect you! Its not like you can just protect yourself with your art book,” He said as he smiled. “Fine, you can come along, but if you even get on my nerves once I’m leaving you behind,” I said. “Alright!” He yelled in excitement as he grabbed his axe from the ground. We both nodded and made our way into the forest.  


“Have you ever been in this side of the forest?” I asked. “Nope, as a woodcutter, I never tended to get to far from the village,” Kai responded. Then, Kai suddenly stopped and blocked me with his arm. “What’s wrong?” I asked him as I stopped. “Do you hear that?” He asked me. “Hear wh-, “ I cut myself off as I suddenly heard a faint sound of crying. Kai began to walk forward slowly, and I followed behind. We quietly approached a bush that was moving slightly, and you could hear the cries coming from it. Kai nodded at me then moved the bush lightly. We both nearly yelled out as the bush was revealed to be hold a baby in it. “w-w-why is this baby here?” Kai questioned. “No, what we really should be questioning is why is this baby colorful?” I asked. The baby was extremely bright and colorful compared to Kai and me, and basically stood out in this colorless forest. “The baby’s hair is red, and her eyes are pink, and she is wearing a blue dress,” Kai suddenly said. “h-h-how do you know that?” I asked him as I pick up the baby. “I d-d-don’t know, it just came to me,” He answered then began to look round. “What are you looking for?” I asked him. “If she is here, doesn’t that mean she came from a different planet?” He asked. After hearing that, I started to look around as well. “Flair, over here!” Kai yelled from a little past the bush. I walked over to him and look at what he was staring at. On the ground there were specks of colorful leaves going in a trail leading somewhere. “We should follow it,” I said. “Yeah I agree,” He answered. We then began following the trail of leaves not knowing where it will take us. 


“What do you think we should name her,” Kai asked as he was now holding the baby who was happily giggling. “Eh? Name her?” I asked him. “Well its not like her parents are here so, we have to take care of her now,” He said seriously. “What!” I yelled then suddenly looked at her as she was smiling at me with her bright eyes. “Ugh! Fine, we can keep her, but you should give her a name,” I said completely annoyed about being dazed by her happiness. “Hmm, how about Pearl,” He said which made her begin to giggle even louder. “See Flair, I knew she would have wanted a name beside being called a baby,” He said excitedly. “Yeah, now can we focus on the main goal at head?” I asked. “Right, now back to finding the portal,” He said. We continued to follow the trail until it suddenly stopped at the base of a mountain. “Now, lets look around for something suspicious,” I said. “Oh, you mean like that portal over there that seemingly opens up to a world full of color?” Kai asked as he pointed to the seemingly portal on the mountain. “Right, like that,” I said as I laughed embarrassingly. We walked over to the portal and began to inspect it. “Seems like normal portal to me,” Kai said. “Yeah, like you’ve seen a portal before,” I said sarcastically. “Well then why don’t we go through it,” Kai said. “Wait, what if it is dangerous?” I asked. Kai shock his head then grabbed my hand. “Wait!” I yelled just a Kai pulled me into the portal along with him. Then suddenly, the three of us was in this new world that was full of colors beyond my imagination. There were all kind of plants and colorful trees around us and it also look as if there was a temple and ancient village in between the mountains above of us. “Now this is the world, we’ve been looking for,” Kai said cheerfully. Pearl then began to laugh and smile bright. “We found this place all because of you,” Kai said as he began to spin Pearl around and laugh. Tears began to fall down my face as I became overwhelmed with happiness. “Come on Flair now is not the time to be crying silly,” Kai said as he wiped away my tears. Pearl then held out her arms to me, wanting me to hold her. I grabbed a hold of Pearl and looked at her and smiled at her. “You’re right now is not the time to be crying,” I said as a smiled and looked at this new world and the seemingly floating peak of a mountain ahead of me. And I knew then that this was just the begin of our story in this new world.