An interview with Matthew Long

Who is Matthew Long

Tavaris Thornton, Journalist

How do you think the football team is preforming this year?
“I think we are performing very good this year. With the players we have this year I feal that we
have improved as a team and became more of a team. I’m really happy were we are at.”
How far do you think the football team can make it into the playoff?
“We can honestly go deep into the playoff and maybe even the state championship. I feel that we
are the best team in the state this year. We have a great offense and a great defense. So, I feal that
we are great on both sides of the ball.”
What is the biggest difference between this and last year teams?
“The biggest difference between this year and last year is chemistry because everybody’s played
sports with each other since we were kids, so we know how to help each other.”
With the virus this year, how has this affected the football team?
“It has taken away our chance to investigate even more opportunities for college and outside of
football. I feal that if we could have started on time in the summer, we would be in better shape,
better condition, and have more chemistry but still I feel that we are coming to together as a
Are you happy with how the football team has performed so far?
“Yes, I am. With our record being what it is I feel that we couldn’t performed any better besides
our one loss. I am very happy with our team on both sides of the ball holding teams to few points
and scoring a lot.
What are some things y’all can improve on as a team?
“Nothing really to be honest. Besides the little things I don’t feel that there are really any big
things that we just have to do better.”