Think on the bright side looking back on 2020.

There actually was good that came out of 2020.


Brian Hedden, Journalist

Think 2020 was all bad? Well think again mate. For starters, pollution ratings have gone down 50 percent since everyone is staying inside. If you are a koala person than this is for you, more koalas are now being released in the wild. Following the wild fires over 2.5 million acres of land in Australia. It is now safe to release rescued koalas back to their natural habitat. You like driving? Particularly driving ambulances? Well this one’s for you. The coaching of ambulance drivers has now begun. A group of coach drivers in Bakers Dolphin are giving transferable skills in a whole new way. They are retraining to become ambulance drivers with the aim to cover a fleet of 95 ambulances. So if you’re ever looking back at 2020 try to look on the good things that happened.