Jeffry Lashua

One Page Nominee

Adrien Locklear, Journalist

My friend’s name for this assignment was Jeffry Lashua. He feels good about being a One Page nominee. We conversed through email so that I can gain some information on him to see what he is interested in. I can tell that he is highly interested in singing considering that he is a member of the choir at Hardaway High School. Considering that we are learning virtually, I wish that I could have gotten to know him in person. He is currently in the 12th grade and he is looking forward to graduating. I am not sure if he wants to attend college or not, but it would be awesome if he did. I think that his style is very relaxed and he gives off really good vibes. He also has social media pages such as Instagram to post things that are going on in his life. Social media has been a huge platform for many young students such as myself, especially during this pandemic. I thought it was very cool to do this article because it allowed me to get to know my classmates. Jeffery plays the guitar, and in the future, he wants to be part of a band. I am hoping that he gets to be in a band sometime in the future. I think it would be awesome if I could hear his music on YouTube one day. Musical interest is something that Jeffery and I have in common. I think that music brings people together, and it is great to listen to when you are down and about. He seems to be very positive and he doesn’t let negativity get to him. Positive must be maintained in someone’s life for them to be happy. He is a resident here in Columbus GA and has attended Hardaway High School since 9th grade.  He is truly a Hardaway Hawk. He also seems to be very sociable and gains relationships with others quite quickly. Overall, I enjoyed doing this assignment, it was cool getting to know my classmate.