An Interview with Destiny Craig

One Page Nominee


Samantha Henry, Journalist

Question #1: How does it feel being in charge of the Journalism Newspaper Club?

Answer #1: “It feels amazing and surreal that I was picked to be in charge.”

Question #2: How do you feel having to deal with online and in person class?

Answer #2: “After the first couple of weeks, it just became reality and I got used to it.”

Question #3: Which Group do you think works more, Online or In-Person Students?

Answer #3: “I can’t really say because both of the groups does amazing work.”

Question #4: Do you think this pandemic has an effect on all students and their families?

Answer #4: “Yes”

Question #5:  What do you think about the COVID-19 vaccine, and do you think it will be able to bring the curve down some?

Answer #5: “I think that it is a possible solution and that it can help with the virus, only if everyone wears their mask, social distances, and listen to the CDC.”

Question #6: Do you think there will be an in person graduation this year and do you think it will have an effect on all seniors of 2021?

Answer #6: “I hope there will be an in person graduation even if we all have to wear masks, and yes because all of the fun things about being a senior was taken away and this is the moment that we all have waited for.”