Covid- 19

How are students handling it?

John Reed, Journalist

As everyone knows, the Covid-19 virus has been a different experience that no one expected this
in the slightest. I have started an article series to see how Students and Teachers are being
affected in these very complicated times. Bryson Clouse is a Senior student at Hardaway High
School who has been asked about his experiences in school and social life and how he copes
with it. When asked how he enjoys school with the virus in effect, he responded with “I
personally think that the most important thing is to trudge through it. I don’t think anyone has
ever had fun in a pandemic and we need to understand that to keep everyone safe.”
As we continued to converse and I began to further question Bryson Clouse, I stumbled upon a
few questions about grades and how the pandemic has altered them. When I asked if he believes
that the virus has harmed grades or if it was easier for people at home he responded with “ I
don’t think the Covid-19 virus is harming our grades but rather altering our mental health and

that is the negative effects you see right now.”

My last question is definitely a touchy question for all seniors right now. I began the question of
How do you feel about your senior year of High School being in the middle of this national
pandemic? He responded with “Honestly it sucks but we can’t be too upset, it’s not like this was
planned. We just have to live every day and beat this pandemic.”

This has been John Reed a Senior Journalism Student at Hardaway High School and I hope this
article has been helpful for everyone to realize how the virus has affected students. Thank you
for reading and tune in next week for another student’s views.