An interview with Jaylen Quinones

An interview with Jaylen Quinones

Samantha Henry, Journalist

Question #1: Have you still been as busy as usual doing things around the school even though we are in a pandemic?
Answer #1: “Due to theater restrictions, I haven’t been able to participate in theater, but I have been practicing monologues and working in IB Theater.”

Question #2: Do you find it hard to connect with others during this pandemic?
Answer #2: “Yes, definitely. I have always been a people person and not being able to physically interact with my friends is upsetting.”

Question #3: Have you gotten any awards or achievements recently?
Answer #3: “My most recent achievement was being nominated for the Page One Awards under the Theater category.”

Question #4: How have your plays in the theater been going and are there any new plays coming up?
Answer #4: “Due to Covid, we haven’t been able to have productions, but hopefully, we have some form of performance before the school year ends.”

Question #5: Do you plan to continue working in the theater at your college of choice?
Answer #5: “Yes, I plan on still being involved in theater, but I am not majoring.”

Question #6: What do you plan to do in the future?
Answer #6: “I plan on majoring in Psychology and Comparative Religions to begin the process of becoming a Transpersonal Psychologist or move to Japan to become an English Language teacher.”