The History of Women in the Military

A step forward in Women’s history


Samantha Henry, Journalist

It all started in the Revolutionary War, when women were traditionally were just cooks, nurses, and seamstresses for troops in camp, some women even disguised themselves as men to fight along side their husbands. Though they were not in uniform and were not working out in the field they were still always a big part of the battle. In the 18th and 19th centuries, soldiers only depended on women to make their lives tolerable so they could live to fight. Women employed as laundresses, cooks, or nurses were subject to the Army’s rules of conduct. Though not in uniform, these women shared Soldiers’ hardships, including inadequate housing and little compensation. it was only until 1917 where the first woman Loretta Walsh became the first women to enlist in the military but it was only until 1948 where the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act signed by President Truman was created where women were permanently able to be a part of the military service and finally in 2013 women finally achieved full status to be in the military and to serve in any role that they would like to choose and fight for.