Face to Face learning

Which is better?

Face to Face learning

Alayah Dial, Journalist

After almost an entire school year doing virtual learning, I’ve come to the conclusion that face to face learning is a lot better for me to get certain classes work done better.

Face to face learning is when the teacher and the students meet in school for lessons. Stated from the first article,” Face to face learning is a really effective way to learn knowledge and skills because it often combines different ways of learning including writing, reading, discussion, presentations, projects, group work, film clips, demonstration and practice.” I personally believe that face to face learning is a lot better for the students then distance learning because it is very hard to do things online sometimes because you cant really know how the teacher might want you to phrase things. Stated from the first article,” You’ll be able to concentrate harder on your learning because there’ll be less distraction than if you were at home. You can gain greater understanding, stories and real-world examples from teachers and other studentsYou have a greater chance of completing your course successfully by doing it in a classroom situation. You may feel more comfortable and learn more easily in a familiar, traditional classroom situation. You can access more information and richer understanding through teacher and other students’ body language and voice. You can connect with, problem-solve, and network with other students from a wide range of backgrounds.” Those are good examples of exactly why face to face is better than distance learning, when students are being educated without in-person interaction among their instructor or peers and classes are conducted by correspondence or over the Internet. Let’s dig a little deeper about why face to face learning is better. With distance learning there can be times where the students will get very stressed out because the certain assignments and even looking up the assignments can’t help sometimes, so I believe being at school is better because you can get help a lot better. Also, with face to face learning, it allows the students to have a lot more social time besides when they are at home and most likely play games and don’t really socialize. Stated from the glossary,” Face-to-face learning ensures a better understanding and recollection of lesson content and gives class members a chance to bond with one another. Also stated from the third article,” Face-to-face learning helps your learners organized their studies because they need to be somewhere at a specific time and date. Also, it’s possible for them to interact with the instructor and the other students. If learners don’t have enough self-discipline or didn’t do their homework, they can simply sit there and listen to their instructor.” And with face to face learning, it causes the students to take their class seriously besides when they are at home and don’t do anything. Finally, stated from the last article,” Assignments are handed in personally, which means you do not have to worry about your work getting lost or not handed in. Meaning that there is less a chance of getting stressed out. So, let’s all just agree here that face to face learning is a lot better then being at home and doing distance learning.