Hawks Softball

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On September 10, 2014 at 4:30pm, the Hardaway Softball team practiced for their upcoming softball game.

Even though the Lady Hawks Softball team has an outstanding record, they are still practicing harder than ever. Coach Browning will not let them ease up one bit. Her motto is, “Practice ’till you drop and when you drop, get back up and practice some more.”

This is a coach that will take you to the top and beyond. At the beginning of each practice, Coach Browning gets her team hydrated before an intense workout in the heat. She first starts them off by having them jog the bases to get their legs warmed up. She then has them run the outfield and do stretches for a couple of minutes. After having them warm up, she breaks them off into groups. Each group has their own agenda. Coach Browning says, “Our team knows what it takes to win and they know there is no goofing off in practice.”

The Lady Hawks Softball team is here to win a championship and with Coach Browning at their side, they really believe that they can make it. A couple of seniors even took it upon themselves to hold practice a few hours late, which shows that they are serious about the sport they love. I got a chance to get a couple of statements from some of the team members and here’s what some of them had to say. Sydney said “A state championship is what we want and that’s what we are going to go after” Kaylan said ” I can’t picture my final year with out a championship” even Coach Browning has her eyes on a state championship stating “These girls work hard for state championship and that is what they deserve and with hard work an trust in each other they will get there”. These Hawks are ready to soar into action.



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