2020-2021 Staff

Travis Torres

I'm a Hardaway hawk and I was told to put something here I'm not sure what but, don't let my name die, keep me alive for future generations to enjoy.

Walter Bland

i am Walter bland and i am a Hardaway wrestler and i play football

John Reed

Hello, my name is John Reed and I am a senior at Hardaway High. I love anything that is related to music and I plan to be an Electrical Engineer after Highschool.

Ariana Nicholson

I am a senior and I've been attending Hardaway since my freshman year. I plan to further my career and education in the United States Air force as a radiologist. My hobbies include listening to music and participating in JROTC...

Brian Hedden

  Hello my name is Brian Hedden, I’m apart of journalism and I’m going to be a professional welder in the future.

Alayah Dial

Hello, I'm Alayah Dial. I do not have many hobbies but, I like to read, and I love doing creative writing. I am a hardworking person, and I do not really like giving up unless I really can't do something.

Waylon Adcock

My name is Waylon, I am a senior, I enjoy working on a computer, and I like helping people. I have attended Hardaway all four years, so I’ve been able to see how this school has changed every year.

Samantha Henry

Hello my name is Samantha Henry, I like art, drawing, and designing many things with my little touch of flare and imagination. I am a senior at Hardaway High School and once I go to college I would want to be a Gaming Designer.

Destiny Craig

Hello, my name is Destiny Craig. I am an IB senior and my passion is photography. In the future, I want to become a criminal defense attorney.